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Case Study Analysis Report


Case Study Analysis Report


Service marketing is the process of economic activities by a business to its client. Service marketing includes a process of selling the telecommunication, treatment of health, air travel and much more. In the business service, marketing is an important skill along with that it is tough as well. Service marketing is important because it is used as the key differentiator and customer retention of a service. In addition to that, it also focuses on the making of relationship with the customer that can be helpful for the company. The theories that are used in this study are SWOT analysis, 7 Ps of marketing and Porter's five forces.  In this study, there is an analysis of the case study of Banyan tree hotel and resort with the help of the theories that can be applied to make the marketing strong. Moreover, there is a brief discussion regarding the positioning of the market along with that the market condition.

Background of the business

Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is noted as the leading developer and manager of the premium hotels as well as spas in the Asia Pacific. The Hotel has 25 resorts and hotels, 68 spas along with those 65 retail galleries. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is located in more than 55 locations in 23 countries. The revenue of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort has increased by 30% to $104.9 million as well as the operating profit has also increased with 8% to $36.7 million. In addition to that, Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort has seven operating business segments that include the investments in terms of hotel, hotel residence sales, spa operation and much more. The marketing business of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is mainly managed by the international advertising agency. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort has won huge awards from the Business Traveller Award, Seychelles Best Resort and Best Hotel for Rooms. The idea of entering in the luxury resort was mainly inspired from the gap of the hotel industry. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort offers various services such as private pool, Jacuzzi or any kind of spa treatment room, which is mainly designed for the guest along with utmost privacy. All Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort were mainly designed to provide a sense of place while enhancing the culture as well as the heritage of the destination (banyantree.com, 2017).

Marketing condition

Marketing condition mainly denotes the number of competitors; level in terms of competitiveness along with that the market's growth rate. After the launch of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort their marketing communication was mainly managed by the international advertising agency. In addition to that, the agency has also designed the logo of Banyan Tree with a tagline of Sanctuary for the Sense. At the beginning of launch Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort, they promoted as the romantic and intimate smallish hotel rather than any kind of luxury accommodation. In the opinion of Lusch & Vargo (2014), market size and market growth are mainly estimated with the arena of differentiation of marketing. The marketing conditions of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort was mainly set for the guest in terms of creating memories, which are unforgettable.

The advertising of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort was carried for only a short period in order to gain the recognition of the industry. In the recent time, Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort has increased with a high-level travel magazine in the hotel sector. As per the view of Gummesson (2014), there is a requirement to increase the marketing condition because it is the heart for a successful marketing.

Marketing positioning

In the marketing aspect, the market positioning is denoted as the perception of a customer, which is related to the brands. In addition to that, the market positioning is referred to the process while establishing an identity of the brand in certain ways. As opined by Rust & Huang (2014), the positioning of a brand it shows the strategic process which is involved at the time of marketing brand. There are some of the brand values of Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort, that include the caring of the human along with that of natural environment too. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort has a strategy for a brand value that customer and employees can identify as well support in their own life values.

Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is using the cost leadership strategy for attempting a position which can attract the customer from other rival hotels in the marketplace. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is offering fewer prices than others offer and serving more comfort at a cheap price. In the opinion of Cronin & Cronin (2016), a company is using a differentiation business strategy that attempts for the position itself from the minds of the consumers. Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is using a target where they provide greater service at a low price rate.

Target market

The target market is mainly involved in terms of breaking a market while focusing on some key segments as well as the desire of the close related service, which is offered to the customers. The target market for Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort are mainly the couples those are between the age of 30 to 40.  In addition to that, the hotel also targets the premium market as well as provides luxury comfort at a cheap price. In the opinion of Kindström & Kowalkowski (2014), the target market is required to set some of the objectives that can be helpful in a good position in the market. As per O'Cass & Sok (2013), the hotel has mainly targeted the couple because the hotel is mostly designed for the couples regarding their intimacy and comfortable. Another reason for the target market for couples because of most of the time there 84 percent of the guest are couples those are looking for intimacy and romance.

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