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Rise in competition has been a significant phenomenon of the modern day business modules. The identification of the competitive aspects and the advantages of a comparative approach can be projected as an indispensable element of business sustainability. The theme of the essay lies in projecting the evolving canvas of the Australian supermarket through a relevant integration of the modules and embellishes of strategic management and their normal implementation in the assigned case study. The demonstration of the competitive advantages of the prevailing market leaders Coles and Woolworths along with a comparative projection of Aldi’s rapid expansion in the Australian market will be discussed in course of the report. The influences of the American retail pioneers IGA on the Australian supermarket domains will be evaluated in course of the essay.


Challenges possessed from Coles and Woolworths strategies to IGA system

Coles and Woolworths operate as neck-to-neck competitors in the Australian supermarket. The acquisition of Coles by Wesfarmers resulted in the dethroning of Woolworths from the apex position in the supermarket chain. However, the potential threats of business sustainability of the same can be reflected through an integration of IGA modules and rapid expansion of Aldi in the Australian supermarket. In accordance with the operational period of Coles and Woolworths in the market can be rationalized for some of their competitive advantages along with a contrastive demonstration of the loopholes in the IGA supply management framework. The following can be portrayed as some of the competitive sources for the nominated organizations.

Price: Price can be considered as an essential influence to the purchases made by the consumers. Coles and Woolworths possess a periodic familiarity with the Australian market, which can be justified as the native operational advantage. Considering their relative competition the companies operates with a flexible pricing module influenced by the product-pricing approaches of their counterparts (Dwivedi and Merrilees, 2016).  On the contrary, IGA lacks of the familiarity possessed by the nominated organization and their export ties limits their adaptability to a flexible pricing module.

Marketing Power:  The power of marketing in the prevailing domains of a competitive market can be reflected through the stakeholder relationship and the cost-effective utility of the promotional resources. The demonstration of the differential standpoints along with a precise determination of the axial relatives can be promoted through a suitable illustration of the tenure of market operations.

Digital Reach: An active engagement in the social media platform along with a functional modification of the diversified patterns can be considered through an adaptive determination of the functional intents of digital expansion. Identification of the comparative aspects of integrated consumer communication mechanisms has been provided through the virtual forum of digital marketing.

Supplier Relationship: The operational tenure of Coles and Woolworths in the Australian market can be justified through an adaptive integration of the potential flaws in the prevailing mechanisms. IGA being an expatriate to the Australian market operates with significant hindrances of socio-cultural expectations (McArthur et al. 2016). It reflects a certain timeframe being an indispinble element for developing stakeholder relationships which justifies the competitive opportunities for Coles and Woolworths in the Australian supermarket.  

Market Coverage: The expansive coverage of the nominated chains in the Australian super market can be considered through an operational classified of their credential as the pioneers of the retail business. A precise idea on the consumer requirements and their disposable potentials in accordance with the regions of operation can be considered through a functional overview on their diversified implications of the targeted marketplace (Kajalo and Lindblom, 2015). The inclusion of the functional agilities in accordance with a comparative saturation of the opportunities can be segregated as deficits for the IGA module in the Australian market.

Metcash’s pricing strategies for surviving Australian market

The adaptability of Australian to the defined business modules along with contrastive determination of their axial elements can be differentiated through a diversified projection of the optimum standards of sustainability. The evaluation of the complimentary portfolios along with a saturation of the contrastive opportunities can be promoted through a comparative inclusion of the functional relatives of operation along with a complimentary saturation of the market patterns. A distinctive determination of the pricing analogues can be defined through a perpetual inclusion of their export ties, which may not be implied under the operational standards of Coles and Woolworths. Metcash, on the contrary, operates as a supplier to independent retailers and IGA outlets, which limits its confined accountability overview the distributor and value engagement channels. The inclusion of the functional determinants along with a comparative provision of the sustainability intercepts can be aligned to the proportionate elements of a diversified Performa. As opined by Bailey (2016), the inclusion of a low price module often arrives with a comparative threat to brand credential through a low quality perception being reflected by the consumers. The identification of the liabilities in accordance with a suitable portrayal of the comparative coefficients can be discriminated through a marginal provision of the identical strategies of operation. The development of the axial relatives of the market components can be justified through an adaptive penetration of a sustainable market place. 

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