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Business Ethics



Organizations have become more concerned about their reputation both inside and outside of the organizations. Their quality of services protects them from outside controversies whereas business ethics inside organizations protects them from controversies in the work place or within an organization. Businessethics are regarded as the guiding principles, values, policies and morals that an organizations follows avoid conflicts or any kind of behavior that would affect the performance of the company or organization. Some of the concerned business ethics are insider trading, discrimination, fiduciary responsibilities, corporate governance, briery and corporate social responsibility. The beginning of the essay consists of an outline on a selected business case with relevant to ethical issues in an organization. With the continuation of the essay, the readers will get to know about the important ethical issues that have been raised in the discussed article. In the middle portion of the essay, analysis of the ethical decision taken by the concerned organization in the article has been done as well. Lastly an outline of the ethical decision making process with respect to the seven morals have also been discussed in the essay.

Outline of the chosen article

In the article,the ethical issue that has been raised to question is of discrimination on the basis of sex in the payment method. The allegation that has been filed is on tone of the biggest companies in the world named Google. It the article it has been seen that an ex-employee of Google who used teach children at the company’s daycare alleged that Google has been discriminating in the process of payment on the basis of gender (Levin, 2018). The ex-employee named Heidi Lamar found out that her male colleagues doing the same job with lower qualification getting higher pay than hers and other female colleagues in the company. Due to this violation in the ethical issue she hasalso expressed her distrust in the company and finally resigned from the company. She then filed a complaint on the terms of Google’s pattern of denying women of equal pay and has been tagged as an organization of the female dominating nature. However, Google kept blind folded on the topic and refused to any gender pay gap but still did not have any clear expression or data to prove their words. Google have also stated that rigorous analysis are done on the terms of recruitment just to see that women are fairly compensated and there is no biasness in the recruitment process and the payment as well.

The initial complain made by Lamar, the ex-employee of Google was declined by the judge, as the complaint was overly broad and need to e narrowed. Lamar came back again with a narrower version of the complaint and filed the case eventually. The suit was filed against charges of discrimination and sexual harassment scandals in the techindustry. The complaint was followed by investigation by the US department of labor. The investigation led the truth pout of the box and as per the records,the US department of labor sued Google.

Lamar has expressed her disappointment on leaving Google and her love for the company and working there as well. The incident made her feel angry and insulted at the same time hence the step was taken. She has also stated that the step she has taken or the voice she has raisedhas not only been only for her butalso the female employees still working in Google. She has also said that the working environment of Google has been wonderful and she loved working there.

Gender Discrimination

As it has already been discussed above the key ethical issue that has en the point of attraction in the article is of discrimination. It is sad to know, in the modern world and living in the 21st century gender discrimination is still in act. There has been many effortstaken by the law to stop or eradicate gender discrimination totally from the workplace (Greeneand Smith, 2015).It is very sad is very sad to see it from oneof the largest companies in the world Google. Gender discrimination hugely affects the reputation of the company. Google is known to have oneof the best working environments among all the organizations. Many people dram of working in Google but gender discrimination taking place may affect and stop great talents looking to join the company. Biasness in the workplace in terms of ender also raises a trust issue. It has been seen in the article that Lamar expressing her distrust in the company and said that she cannot work in a company where she cannottrust.

Gender inequality has been in the practice for a quite a long time. There has been several measures taken form the government to reduce or eradicate gender discrimination at workplace but there are still places this takes place all over the world (Fenstermakerand West, 2013). The issue in this case of unequal pay has also been in the news from many organizations. It is very essential for organizations to adapt policies regarding equal treatment of employees regardless their gender.

There is a huge impact of leadership in gender inequality. A leader must be aware of these discriminations at work place or at leastappoint someone efficient to look after the matter.There has to be a solution to this as it is the right of employees to be treated equally and work alongside their colleagues. It is necessary for the organizations to look at the positions and experience that an employee is being recruited regardless of gender for their pay. 

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