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Business Environment



Business environment of an organization refers external and internal factors of an organization that has major impact on organizational function. Those functions of the organization involve clients, employees, regulation of the government and demand. This environment majorly influences organizational operation part. External environment factors of an organization include political, economic, social, technological, legal factors. In order to establish this report, the organization has selected namely Deloitte that belongs from professional service industry. This study will elaborate influence of external influence of environmental factors. In order to elaborate challenges and problems of above mention organization analytical tool will be used. Influence of industry-specific factors to organizational decision making will be elaborated.


In Australia organization, namely, Deloitte is providing professional services for long. Under the Deloitte brand, numerous professional organizations have collaborated to maintain network in their offices. The service of Deloitte includes tax, audit, economics, human capital, services related to technology, and financial advisory. This organization has 14 offices within the country including approximate 700 partners in the Australian country and their employee power is more than 7000. The yearly revenue of the organization has achieved record of $1.76 billion (Deloitte.com, 2018).

A) Influence of external environmental factor

As commented by Grant (2016), external environment of professional services includes two factors such as micro and macro factors. With the help of PESTLE analysis, external environmental factor of Deloitte will be analyzed.

PESTLE analysis

Several factors of environment have effect on organizational decision-making. Changes in government regulation, social, political and technical factors affect the organization in different manner. PESTLE is strategic analytical tool to identify environmental pressure of the organization. Analytical tool PESTLE signifies political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental factors.  

B) SWOT   analysis to identify challenges and problems

SWOT analysis is the mold of strategies, which helps a company to establish their competitive advantage in the market. This analysis mainly deals with some specific aspects as Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. In this study, it can be found that Deloitte uses this process for the better business process (Bull et al. 2016).


This deals with the strong factors of a company, which develops the business process efficiency.


This factor evaluates the possible drawbacks of the company regarding their service process.


Opportunities are the factors, through which the company increase their business process more effectively in future times.


This concentrates on the possible external threats from the competitors, present in the market about the business practices.

C) Organizational   decision-making


This deals with all the possible aspects related to the decision making process.


Deloitte Company can use this chart in their decision-making process to ensure all the positive and negative factors of the organization. This affects the hierarchy to make the decision effectively (Kou, Ergu, Lin & Chen 2016).


This concept is used for cover up a large number of issues. Through this process, the managers of the mentioned company can classify those factors according to their priority (Hart et al. 2015).

Cost-benefit analysis

The analysis is focusing on the mitigation process of the evaluated drawbacks of the company in a budget-friendly manner.


Settle all the possible factors and the outcomes specifically. Apart from that, Deloitte Company would use this decision-making tool for calculating the statistical figures (Farid et al. 2014).


This helps the mentioned company to sum up their list of factors for making the expected decision in real time, which develops the business process as a whole.


In a summarized way, it can say that the study deals with the background of the mentioned company. Additionally, the study also concentrates on the influences of external and internal environment factors by discussing SWOT and PESTLE analysis. Apart from all these, the above discussion also concentrates on numerous organizational decision-making tools.


Concluding the overall discussion, it can say that the above study deals with the background of the company. Besides that, this concentrates on the basic strategy-making processes, namely SWOT, for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Deloitte Company. Along with this, the study also concentrates on some macro environment analysis through PESTLE model for analyzing the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental aspects related to the mentioned company business process. Additionally, this study evaluates numerous relevant organizational decision-making tools and methods for the betterment of the above company's business process.




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