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1. Introduction

 The “BIG W” is the fastest growing company in Australia.  In order to develop its further capitalisation opportunities of the company, new stores emerged this year or so. Due to this rapidly growing store, the company is facing problems to coordinate with the employees and it creates huge restrictions in this business.

Another fastest growing Australian based company is “DOLLAR KING” which includes more than 55 retail stores across Australia. It operates trading in different brands. It focuses on new outlook and various discount offers. The main objective of the company is to increase its profitability and to develop the attention of the customers by innovative sales techniques.

The aim of the report is to address the innovative techniques of business communication and its effects on different companies.The comparative analysis will be based on the positive and negative evaluation of the communication strategies of the two companies.

2. Discussions


Description of business

BIG W- BIG W is an Australian based company and its share market is growing every year. It is one of the demanding brands that were found in 1964. They focused on their quality at reasonable prices and grabbed the attention of the customers with various discounts.  The company is based on the single concept of “innovative techniques for brighter future”.  They also provide discount coupons and vouchers to keep in touch with the customers. This way the company continues its projects throughout the year. BIG W also is one of the popular retailer company based in Australia. They mainly focus on internal communications by consistent communication with the employees, co-workers and hierarchy. This company also includes retail development stores and they focus on the quality of goods and price of the products (Bigw.com.au, 2018).


It is also an Australian based company. This company mainly operates the trading under the various brand look of Hot Dollar since 2000. The main goal of the company is to give more discounts on proper techniques.. This company introduces new retail shops and implements various new outlooks in different region of Australia. They provide their products to the customers at reasonable rates, which give high benefits to the customers. The company also targets on providing comfortable and reliable price and quality to the customers. This company is one of the leading companies throughout the globe and mainly the Australian region it is highly demandable brand (Dollarking.com.au, 2018).

Contradictory evaluation of communication nature 

In this part, two comparative business communication processes will be described two Retailer company in Australia. It is observed that the company named Big W has a strong business communication where relatively Dollar King is a weak communication-based company.

It is observed that Big W is a successful retailer company in Australia after implementing an effective business communication in their business strategy. The Company implements communication mix process including advertising creation, social media marketing and process professional market selling process (Kernbach, & Eppler, & Bresciani, 2015 p.164).  In the previous year, Big W Company also increased the internal business communication process. It made strong information sharing communication bond among the company subordinates to superiors and also among management and employees (yellowpages.com.au, 2018).

On the other hand, it is observed that Dollar King group who is also a retailer company in Australia cannot implement successive communication process in their business policy as compared to Big W Company. It can be said that Dollar King Company also invests a large business capital in the external communication mix business process. In the previous years, company marketing and sales division increased their concern about ways to design a creative advertising process to promote the brand name of the company. The company also made a strategic marketing process for social media marketing and marketing process of professional selling (Tiendeo.com.au, 2018). In this respect, it is observed also that company pay a little attention towards its internal communication processes of the company. Many times company employees have been facing problems to take a right decision at right time [Refer to Appendix].

Effectiveness and ineffectiveness of communication

It can be said that Big W group of companies increased their concernment level at both parts of business communication parts, that is, internal and external communication process of the company. The company invested an adequate market capital for an effective business communication mix process. But it is observed that company faced a huge loss at the time of sales promotions towards the consumer and also in the professional selling process.  The Company invented some innovative selling strategies such as organizing a contest or delivering a discounts coupon with the products towards its customers. But at the end of the day, this business strategy process of the company went in vain completely. Later it is observed that company received the beneficial gain after increasing the concernments at the internal communication process of the company (Chung, 2016).

On the other hand Dollar, King Group of companies was able to bring a beneficial gain after implementing a strong external communication process at their business strategy. The company implemented a strategic and creative digital advertisement which increased the brand identification of the company. It is also observed that company was able to make a market gain from the sales promotion process towards its customers. However, it can be said that the company faced a huge loss for not enhancing the internal communication process. Company employees and managerial staff faced a communication gap between the subordinate employees and the superiors of the company (Dollarking.com.au, 2018).



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