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BSBINM601 Manage Knowledge and Information


BSBINM601 Manage Knowledge and Information

Assessment 1

The management of Hunter Macdonald had succeeded to become the 4th fastest growing IT Company of UK with their sustainable business approaches in technology. This company also has managed to secure the place among the 100 successful tech companies of UK with total current assets of £10,281,784.00 and total current liabilities of £7,521,164.00 (huntermacdonald.com. 2018).

The management of Hunter Macdonald has always prioritised their services for both individual and organisational requirements since their market inception in 2013. For this purpose, they have focused on ensuring quality management for their service provisions to their clients (Cowling et al. 2015). Their services have been found integral to their customer satisfaction goals and marketing strategies, on the basis of which they emphasise on developing the timeliest business approaches. For marketing purpose, the management of Hunter Macdonald has partnered with a range of widely acclaimed brands that belong to diverse industries, such as defence, healthcare, banking and fashion. In this regard, they also have tied up their business approaches with the departments of Central Government that include Treasury, Justice and Home Office.

For the purpose of developing the most efficient client-based services along with ensuring value addition to business, the management of Hunter Macdonald has empowered extensively strong growth foundation. In most of the cases, they emphasise on continuing with innovative business strategies considering the values of both the internal and external stakeholders. Thus, they frequently arrange management and staff meetings for the purpose of shedding light on the current consumer trends, needs and targets along with the employee requirements within the organisation.

One of the major business problems associated with the management of Hunter Macdonald is the global competitors. In most of the cases, they have been found witnessing massive challenges in terms of business expansion, as most of the markets in UK are dominated by the global leaders of IT solutions. In addition to it, they also face challenges in raw material supplies, as these channels are mostly captivated by the leading IT channels. In UK, Hunter Macdonald has less market shares in comparison to the multinationals conduct their business in UK.

As per the validity and reliability of the obtained data are concerned, this study has maintained them properly for the purpose of encouraging further research works and company assessment. In this regard, the annual report of the company has been assessed critically in light of the business performance outcomes through secondary research data.

One of the major business problems for the management of Hunter Macdonald is competition, which is evident from the reports published by them. However, the annual reports and performance analysis of the other business bulletins have been found as the major sources to get the needful information. According to Vorley et al. (2016), the finance and Human Resource departments are found liable to ensure the decision-making process in this regard.

As per the networks of information are concerned this study has mostly focused on the official press releases of the organisations through print, online, and social media followed by their annual reports, government performance outcome bulletins and business magazine reports. In this context, this study has acknowledged the secondary research, method in order to obtain information about their business performances.

Short Written Report

The business problems identified in this study include competition, supplier chain management deficiencies and raw material shortage. The reason behind reaching this conclusion is aligned with the secondary research method that has been conducted critically. The information collected from diverse online sources clearly reflects these challenges to be associated with the business of Hunter Macdonald (Karadag, 2015). The departments of finance, marketing and human resource are found responsible as decision-makers, who are supposed to conduct both internal and external business environment analysis followed by ensuring the most effective market approaches. In this context, they are also liable to ensure the assessment of both formal and informal networks together, which include their own annual report followed by government resources and the reports of authorised business analysts respectively. Thus, the management of Hunter Macdonald is required to emphasise on resolving these issues effectively by empowering the efficiencies of the concerned departments that are liable to take needful decisions.

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