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Australia smart nation plan


Australia smart nation plan



The Internet of Things is adeveloping technology in the period of smart technology which can revolutionize as well as synergize the current system. With the assistance of the IOT the home is transformed into a smart home, a city is converted into a smart city as well as nation is transformed into a smart nation to be sure about the synergies among the variable methods (Shelton et al., 2015). The establishment of communication among the variant systems is the chief aim of this technology. The government of Australia wishes to transform Australia into smart Australia with the similar smart nation plan, after Singapore who has implemented a smart nation plan. To avoid the crime rates Singapore government has initiated the smart nation plan to maintain a well convenience to its citizens. This is also initiated to guide the tourist who visits the nation. According to the smart nation plan, the systems of the nation is planned in the unified network with the assistance of the cloud computing. The censor boxes deployed all the systems for initiating smart actions. According to this plan, the smart boxes are deploying in the detection of the traffic, air control, rainfall etc.

Expected Behavioral Changes Among the Normal Citizens:


The normal citizens are proceeded by the positive and the negative conduct of the smart nation plan. When the smart services are deployed in Australia, there is a positive feeling among the normal citizens residing in Australia. The optimized and the smart services appears to be time as well as cost saving. The continuous surveillance with the smart cameras makes the citizens to feel secured as the crime rate is reduced. With the deployment of the sensor network within the nation, the lifestyle of the Australian citizen is enhanced. In the nation the automated waste management would enhance the nation’s cleanliness as well as the level of hygiene is improved (Bayat&Kawalek, 2018). Thus, Australia is counted as a hygienic place to reside as per the Australian citizens. Again, the automated parking system is a time saving method to practice. Laterally, smart lighting, smart security, smart management etc. is also introduced to provide the citizen an improved lifestyle and modify the regular activities in accordance with the smart services with the deployment of the smart sensor network for availing these services. Again, unwanted tracking of the citizens would also disturb the privacy of the citizens. Thus, the citizens sometimes feel uncomfortable to reside in Australia as smart services are continuously tracking them and disturbing their private lives.

Expected Changes Among the Individual Behaviors (Citizens and Visitors):


The modification of the nation is sometimes counted to be positive by some of the citizens while some others criticize the procedure. The individuals should appreciate the transformation other than criticizing it. The citizens are to be obliged with the fundamental duties of the country as well as the public places are to be protected with the deployment of the smart network services over the nation. The system of the nation is not to be disrupted by the citizens while getting indulged in any kind of misconducts. Littering on the roads are to be avoided as they are under the surveillance and are responsible for protecting the country (Wagner et al., 2014). All kinds of crimes as well as misconducts are to be avoided in the public places to avoid legal actions against them. The smart camera deployment will only reduce the crime but will not harm the privacy of any citizen. The smart sensor network deployment throughout the nation will assist the citizens to save their time as well as cost during staying in Australia. The services for example, the Quality Shipment, Air Pollution Detection, Smart Waste Management, Smartphone Detection, Water Leakage Detection, Smart Parking Smart Tracking, Auto-diagnosis of vehicle etc. are ensured by the sensor network. These services are utilized by the normal citizens for enhancing the living quality as well as to save the time. With the assistance of the smart phone the citizens are trained to avail the services of the smart parking. The citizens can also check the rate of air pollution outside their offices as well as homes and can plan their events (Wiig, 2015). For enhancing the quality of life style and time saving smart services are availed by the favorable citizens. Again, the malicious visitors find hard to perform any crime in the nation. Moreover, the sincere visitors feel secured to perform any business plans as well as to relocate anywhere without any doubt.

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