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 Alcohol abuse is one of the frequently emerging issues in today's modern society. As stated by Roerecke & Rehm (2014), teenagers are highly addicted to alcohol to pretend themselves as smart as well as updated guys. However, teenagers are at a stage between childhood and adulthood which is highly vulnerable to alcohol abuse and other types of addictions such as drugs, smoking. Here six articles have been selected that will explore the cause as well as an effect of the alcohol abuse on teenagers and its remedial measures to discard chances of physical harm. Articles also provide two important causes of alcohol abuse among teenagers and its relation with ever deteriorating physical and mental health. Selected articles also will identify the effect of alcohol abuse on psychological as well as the physiological health of teenagers.

In this aspect, two articles Corrigan & Karelina (2015), stated that one of the common causes of alcohol abuse is peer expectations as well as behaviour. In this context, to come up with social standard and to maintain proper smartness among their friend circle, teenagers experiment with different harmful addictions such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. As stated by Olney, Navarro & Thiele (2014), an adolescent period is under the development of mental as well as a physical aspect of human being which can be highly affected and influenced easily by social standard, external perceptions, neighbourhood and external, environments. On supporting this view Roerecke & Rehm (2014), stated that alcohol abuse disorder is occurred mainly by the provocation of friends or influenced by the society and family members. Adolescent period is a most sensitive period which undergoes several stages of mental changes which might be positive and negative both. In this aspect Olney, Navarro & Thiele (2014), commented that, in today's ever-changing educational standard, alcohol use became common habits among college students and university pupil during their free standard. Regarding abuse of alcohol peers behaviour and perception has a high impact on individual groups.

In this aspect Roerecke & Rehm (2014), stated that in many cases, students who avoid alcohol and drugs face a high level of underestimations and neglect among peers which not only provoke them to experiment with alcohol but also make desperate to cope up with society and peer standard. On the contrary Olney, Navarro & Thiele (2014), argued that peer behaviour is not a strong cause of alcohol abuse as it can be discarded with good friend circle and changing an environment. On supporting the view Donald et al. (2015), stated that another important cause of alcohol abuse among teenagers is a family environment which poses a severe impact on the teenage mind. A socioeconomic condition, behavioural pattern and lifestyles of family members pose high-level impacts on teenagers. As stated by Corrigan & Karelina (2015), teenagers with low-quality living standard and poor socio-economic background make them, unable to get their desired things which make them feel neglected and unwanted in this society. This psychological damages leads to behavioural changes among adolescent individual and make them addicted to alcohol. On supporting this view Olney, Navarro & Thiele (2014), commented that it has been that, children with tormented family background and poor socioeconomic status drink alcohol more than their peers who are relatively economically more stable than them. Teenagers who deal regular family problems represent bad performance in their schools and colleges which not only spoil they're their educational reputation among good student but also makes them neglected among their peers. This situation makes teenagers to drink alcohol to mitigate their problems which makes them addicted to it and leads to a critical mental state which constrains them to get rid of these deadly habits.

On the contrary Roerecke & Rehm (2014) argued that in many times it can be seen that, teenagers which family problems become able to cope up with educational challenges and represent good performance among peers. As per the author, it depends on the behavioural changes and mental setup of teenagers that whether they would go with negative habits or they would stick to good health practices which enable them to do better in near future. However, these two causes of alcohol abuse have enough potential to destroy the mental and physical status of teenagers if they are not encountered properly. As stated by Rehm et al. (2014), effect of alcohol abuse is highly deadly and traumatic for teenagers as they are under continuous mental off physical development. One of the common, as well as a traumatic effect of alcohol abuse among teenagers, is damages of their social and physical wellbeing. As opined by Olney, Navarro & Thiele (2014), social effects that are related to the alcohol abuse is violence arrogance and aggression showed by teenagers. Continuous abuse of alcohol makes them unable to control their own emotions and behaviours which lead to self-harming approach event to death. On supporting the view Donald et al. (2015) stated that regular drinking of alcohol makes teenagers aggressive and anxious, which makes them feel dominative on other people. In many cases, it can be seen that teenagers cannot control their feeling and emotion when they get which leads to suicidal approach. As stated by Volkow & Morales (2015). Another effect of alcohol abuse is harmful effect of alcohol on teenage brain.

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