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Research Project Starbucks Assignment

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1. Introduction

A number of organizations have been found to make use of cloud computing to gain a competitive advantage by acquiring a cloud adoption. By adapting to the right technology, the companies are able to grow and develop their businesses in an effective manner. All forms of buisnesss havebeenfoundto greatly benefit from the advanatgesofcluoudcomputing. However, some of the disadvantages are also present where several technical issues turn up (Gutierrez, Boukrami & Lumsden, 2015). The assignment aims at analysing and understanding of the concept of cloud computing thereby carrying out a research based on the benefits that the company has been able to acquire. A data analysis has been carried out thereby focusing on the reliability and validity of data and following the research limitations to understand the utilisation of the concept better.

2. Project Objective

The aim of this project is to understand the concept of cloud computing that has been carried out in a given business, followed by a research design and methodology to understand the limitations that lie followed by a research plan.

3. Project Scope

The scope of this project is to carry out a successful research based on its benefits to the company and how they can make use of the concept of cloud computing to develop their business better and maintain stability. Backup and recovery of the data helps to keep a track on the development that has been carried out and improvements that have been made as compared to the traditional policies.This further helps in the accessibility if thestoredfiles and recovery of disasters using an emergency backup plan and efficient use of internet. Carrying out a qualitative and quantitative research helps to focus on the various approaches therebyunderstading their limitations.

4. Literature Review

By an effective use of cloud computing, the chosen company,Hartford has been able to transform their IT services thereby delivering an effective infrastructure which includes private cloud. With focus being paid in group benefits, mutual funds and property, the business has been able to focus on meeting all the casualties efficiently (Gutierrez, Boukrami & Lumsden, 2015). Making use of an effective cloud computing has enabled them to enhance the hybrid IT model thereby anticipating the needs of the customers and agents. Several benefits have been identified in its use which involves reduction of costs, improvement of the system availability, andenhancong the business continuity capability. This has helped to bring about growth in the delivery of products and technologically enhaced servies at a rapid rate (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016). This in turn has helped to maintain stability within the business by adopting the concept of cloud storage. This helps to keep a track on all the workings in the business environment thereby storing all the information and data safely and effectively. Incase of any casualties, the backup and recovery of data is done easily thereby restoring all the information effectively. The cloud service providers enable the business to handle all forms of challenges and risks successfully thereby following an automatic software integration system. This enables an easy access to all sort of information thereby carrying out a quick deployment which helps to identify all tasks quickly. However,with the advancement of technology, some of the flaws still remain which act as big disadvantages on the part of cloud computing integration in the business. The cloud storage services consist of a specific bandwidth allowance which results in additional charges being implemented in the work process of the business which makes it difficult for them to cope up with in the long run. Other than that, one of the most obvious and frequent problem that turns up are the technical issues which may take place at any given time (Hashem et al. 2015). This leads to system dysfunction where the service providers face a number of problems which makes it difficult for them to maintain their standard intact. Failure to receive proper and sufficient internet connection can slow down their work process thereby resulting in connectivity problems. The information that are stores are also prone to external hack attacks and threats. The information that are stored in the computers therefore not secure and need special protection softwares to safeguard the information effectively.  



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